5/16” UNC thread pivot point


Product information

Forged High Strength 42CrMO Alloy Steel Hoist Ring

Highly Visible Powder Coated orange color

Corrosion Resistant Plated Body, Fastener, Bushing

200% Proof Load Tested

Other Standard and Metric Sizes Available

Select Sizes from 550-30,000 lbs

Swivels 360 degree Pivots 180 degree

Easily disassembled & reassembled for inspection

Compiles with EN1677

4:1 Design Factor

Unlike eye bolts, swivel hoist rings maintain full capacity at 0-90 degrees from the bolt axis.

Available on demand for WLL range (M8-M48, 0.3-20T) choose of standard metric thread, metric fine thread, UNC,UNF thread, BSW(British standard Whitworth thread) and so on.



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