Type of lifting tool work

1. Light Small Lifting equipment
Light small lifting equipment is characterized by lightweight, compact structure, simple action, the scope of the projection to point, line-based. Light, small lifting equipment, generally only one lifting mechanism, it can only make a single lifting movement. Belonging to this category are: Jack, pulley, hand (gas, electric) hoist, winch and so on. Electric hoist is often equipped with a running trolley and metal frame to enlarge the scope of operation.

Electric hoist
CD1, MD1-type series wire rope electric hoist system in the original CD, MD-based on the improved products. It has a compact structure, lightweight, safe and reliable, the general degree of components, interchangeability, lifting capacity, maintenance and convenience, is a wide range of uses, welcomed the light lifting equipment.
The gourd has a fixed type and a car type two types. Fixed to the foot on the top, bottom, left, right position is divided into A1, A2, A3, A4 four types, can be directly installed in the use of the framework, the car has the function of running, can be installed on the track to use.

2. Overhead Crane
Can be used in the rectangular field and over the operation, more for the workshop, warehouse, open-air yard and other goods handling, there is beam crane, bridge crane, Cable crane, carrying bridges and so on.
(1) Girder crane: Girder crane mainly includes single girder bridge crane and double girder bridge crane
The main girder of the single girder bridge crane adopts the combination section of the working character steel or steel type and steel plate. Lifting trolley often for hand-pulling gourd, electric hoist or use gourd as a lifting mechanism assembly parts.
According to the bridge mode is divided into two types of support and hanging type. The former bridge is running along the crane track on the girder of the vehicle; the latter’s bridge is mounted along the crane tracks hanging under the plant housing. Single girder bridge crane breaking up, electric two kinds. Manual single-girder bridge crane mechanism of low speed, lower weight, but their own small quality, easy to organize production, low cost, suitable for non-power supply after the volume of small, speed and productivity requirements of the occasion. Manual single-girder bridge crane adopts the manual monorail as the running trolley, with the hand pulling the hoist as the lifting mechanism, the bridge frame is composed of the main girder and the end girder. The main girder generally adopts single I-beam, and the end beam is welded with steel or bending-shaped plates.
Electric single-girder bridge crane working speed, productivity is higher than manual, the weight is also larger. Electric single-girder bridge crane by bridge, cart operating mechanism

(2) Bridge Crane:
Overhead Crane is a bridge crane which operates on elevated orbit, also known as Crane. Bridge Crane along the road laying on the two sides of the elevated track of vertical operation, lifting trolley along the bridge on the track of the transverse operation, forming a rectangular work range, you can take full advantage of the bridge under the space hanging material, not by the ground equipment obstruction.
Bridge Crane is characterized by the lifting of a hook or other device on the weight of the space to achieve vertical or horizontal movements. Bridge Crane includes: lifting mechanism, large, car operating mechanism. Relying on the coordination movements of these institutions can make heavy weights in a certain square space to rise and carry. Bridge cranes, loading and unloading bridges, metallurgical overhead cranes, cable cranes and so on are all such.
Bridge cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, docks and open-air storage sites. Bridge crane can be divided into ordinary bridge crane, simple girder bridge crane and metallurgical special Bridge crane Three.
Ordinary bridge crane is generally composed of lifting trolley, bridge frame operation mechanism, bridge metal structure. Lifting trolley by the lifting mechanism, the car operating mechanism and small frame three parts.
Lifting mechanisms include motors, brakes, reducer, reel and pulley groups. Motor through the reducer, drive reel rotation, so that the wire rope around the drum or from the reel down to lifting weights. Small frame is the support and installation of lifting mechanism and car operating mechanism and other parts of the rack, usually welded structure.
(3) Gantry crane is generally classified according to the form of portal structure, main girder form, and hanging form. Commonly used in ports.
by frame structure
(a) Full-door crane: The main girder is not suspended, the car is carried out within the main span.
(b) Semi-gantry crane: The legs are poor and low, can be based on the use of the construction requirements of the venue.
(c) Double cantilever gantry crane: The most common form of structure, the force of its structure and the effective use of site area is reasonable.
In the form of main girder structure
(a) Dan Zhuliang Gantry Crane
Dan Zhuliang Cantilever Gantry crane has simple structure, convenient manufacture and installation, small quality, and main Liang Duo is the structure of bias axle box. Compared with double-girder gantry crane, the overall stiffness is weaker. Therefore, when the weight q ≤ 50t, span s ≤ 35m, can be used in this form. Single-main portal girder crane legs have L-type and C-type two forms. L-type manufacturing and installation convenience, the force is good, the quality of their own small, but the lifting cargo through the leg of the space relatively small. The C-type pin is made of tilt or bend, with a view to having a larger transverse space to allow the cargo to pass through the feet.
(b) Double-girder bridge crane
Double-girder bridge crane consists of straight rail, crane main girder, lifting trolley, power transmission system and electrical control system, especially suitable for large suspension and high-weight plane range material conveying.
Double-girder bridge crane with strong bearing capacity, large span, good overall stability, many varieties, but their own quality and the same weight of single-main girder gantry crane compared to larger, the cost is also higher. According to the different structure of the main girder, it can be divided into two forms of box girder and truss. Generally, the box-shaped structure is used.
3. Boom Cranes
The characteristic of Jib crane is basically the same as the bridge crane. It can be used in the circular field and above, more for open-pit loading and unloading and installation, including Gantry crane, floating crane, mast crane, wall crane and deck crane.
Jib crane includes lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, rotating mechanism. Relying on the coordination movements of these institutions, the weight can be made in a certain cylindrical space lifting and handling. Jib cranes are mounted on vehicles or other forms of transport (mobile) tools, which constitute a running boom-mounted rotary crane. such as car-type cranes, tire cranes, tower cranes, gantry cranes, floating cranes, railway cranes and so on.
(1) Cantilever crane
There are column type, wall-mounted, balanced crane three forms.
① cylindrical cantilever crane is the cantilever can be fixed on the pedestal of the fixed column rotation, or the cantilever and the rotary column just connected, in the base support with the vertical center of the rotation of the column and the cantilever of the cantilever crane. It is suitable for occasions where the job service ranges are rounded or scalloped. Commonly used for machine tools and other workpiece loading and handling.
Cylindrical cantilever crane adopts ring chain electric hoist as lifting mechanism and operating mechanism, less use of wire rope electric hoist and hand-pulling hoist. Rotating and horizontal mobile operations are more manual, only when the weight of the use of the electric.
The overhead crane is a cantilever crane fixed on the wall, or a cantilever crane that can be operated along a wall or other supporting structure on an elevated orbit.
The use of the wall crane occasions for the large span, building a high degree of workshop or warehouse, near the wall hanging the operating industry is more frequent when the most suitable. Wall Crane more than the above beam or bridge crane with the use, in close to the wall service in a cuboid space, responsible for lifting light small objects, bulky by beam or bridge crane.
Balancing crane commonly known as the balance hanging, it is the use of four-bar linkage mechanism to make the load and balance weight constitute a balance system, can use a variety of hanging flexible and easily in three-dimensional space lifting loads. Balancing crane lightweight and flexible, is an ideal lifting equipment for small items, is widely used in Plant Workshop machine tool up and down material, process, automatic line, production lines of workpiece, sand box crane, parts and components assembly, as well as stations, docks, warehouses and other occasions
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