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Your Location : HOME » PRODUCTS » Lifting Points » G80 forged swivel hoist ring long bolt direct factory price » G80 Forged Swivel Hoist Ring Long Bolt Direct Price from China

G80 Forged Swivel Hoist Ring Long Bolt Direct Price from China

Description : G80 high strength bolts Swivel Hoist Rings, length available to meet specific application requirement

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Quick Detail:OTEHR NAMES 

Long Bolt Swivel Hoist Ring 

Swivel Point Long Bolt 

/Attachment Swivel/lifting points 

Swivel Eye Bolts 

Lifting Eyes 

Key Eye Point 

Weld to on Lifting Point 

Swivel point link/forged hoist rings 



Forged Hoist Rings/Lifting Points 


0.3tons to 60tons


Forged super alloy steel to Quenched Tempered

Load Testing

Individually proof test at 2.5 times Working Load Limit

Fatigue Tested

Fatigue tested at 1.5 times Working Load Limit for 2000 cycles

Breakage Test 

Breakage test magnaflux crack detection


With spring inside for better pivoting control


Rated at 100% at  any angle




Yiyun hoist rings are trusted and used every day when loads are required to be lifted with high quality hoist rings. As the leading manufacturer of hoist rings and safety lifting devices in China, many of sectors of the economy trust and apply our products such as:Aerospace,Defense,Manufacturing,Stamping and Injection Molding,Power Generation (nuclear, hydro, wind),Construction,Mining,Concrete and Precast.Towers... 




Forged Swivel Hoist Rings/Lifting Points


Hoist Rings Category 

Thread Size(mm) 

WLL Range( tons) 



Universal Swivel Shackle

M8 to M100

0.5 to 32



Side Pull/Side Load

M8 to M56

0.3 to 22



Heavy Load Side

M56 to M125

22 to 50



Bolt to on Attachment Swivel

M6 to M100

0.3 to 50



Swivel Eye bolts

M8 to M48

0.3 to 12


1.)Bolts length available to meet specific application requirement

2.)All dimensions approximate – variations do not effect use or design factor. 



Competitive Advantage: 

Compact and light in design&structure;

Swivels may changed on all sides,turning 360°;

Links rotation radius max.180°; 

Secured four times against breakage in all load directions; 

Able  to  rotation under load; 

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail inquiry

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