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Long Bar boulons longs Galvanisé G80 pivotant Œillets pivotant Eyepoint avec clé

La description : M12 Bolt Length:20-70mm Lifting Eyes/Lifting Cable Baim Ring Clutch,Anchor Point;

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La description:

YD084 Swivel Eye Bolt meet requirements of EN1677-4. Made material of SAE8620H special alloy steel.(Quenched and Tempered super forged alloy steel)

Surface Finish: Powder Coating,Power Plastified,Electrical Galvanized;

Manual Instruction:

1.Application only by designated and trained people, Please inspect regularly and before each usage the lifting points in regard of tightening, strong corrosion, wear, defor-mation etc.

Determine the location for the lifting point in regard of design with adequate base material strength so that introduced forces will be absorbed without causing deformations. The engagement depth for steel with a tensile strength of Rm > 340 N/mm², other models tensile strenght is around 340 to 370 N/mm²;


3.The lifting points must be positioned at the load in such a way that prohibited assignments like turning or flippingof the load are avoided.

a.) Position the lifting point for a single leg lift vertically above the centre of gravity of the load.

b.) For two leg lifts, the lifting points must be equidistant to/or above the centre of gravity of the load.

c.) For three and four leg lifts, the lifting points should be arranged symmetrical around the centre of gravity, coplanar, if possible.

3.Symmetry du chargement Déterminer la WLL nécessaire du point de levage individuel pour resp symétrique. Chargement dissymétrique

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