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G80 torção Eye Choke Gancho / forjado Classificando Gancho / G80 deslizante gancho de olho Choke

Descrição : Rodada Eye reverso gancho;
Forjada Classificando gancho;
Forjado gancho;
Eye Bend Hook;
Eye Twist Hook;

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1.G80 Twist Eye Choke Hook

Forged Carbon Steel-Quenched and Tempered.

Not for Lifting;

2.Forged Sorting Hook

Forged Alloy Steel-Quenched and Tempered.

Ultimate Load is 4 times the WLL;

WLL na ponta do gancho é 2T;

WLL at bottom of hook is 6.8T;

Regular Mark é 2T;

3.G80 Sliding Eye Choke Hook.

First and biggest Lifting Point Manufacture in Mainland China;We are professional forging product enterprise.
Our competitive forwarders and cooperated express company would help you with fast delivery worldwide.
1.5 vezes WLL para ciclos 20000 Fadiga teste, Built-in de segurança

Give you a point, you can safety lift the earth-Yiyun Rigging is specilized on different safety G80 Lifting Points

e aparelhamento products.Welcome Hardware à nossa fábrica.

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