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Swivel point link is definitely the item that we have continued to emerge within the China industry and achieved superior reputation. Our products promoting network at all over the China regions. More than ten years, we've got developed into a high-volume, multi-function of the traits, it can totally meet the desires with the Swivel point link business.

YD085 G80 Weld On Pivot Link
YD085 G80 Weld On Pivot Link7 optional sizes and capacities from 1 tonne for 20 tonnes. These pivoting links are commonly used for both lifting and load restraint applications (cargo restraint and for mobile plant) and are madeLearn More
G80 Connecting Link/G80 Web Sling Connector
G80 Connecting Link/G80 Web Sling ConnectorAdopt high-quality structural alloy steel and throughout swaged forging process.
WLL:1.5t to 31.5T
Proof load is twice of WLL. BWL is 4 times of the WLL.
Heat treatment.Learn More
Forged Pear Link/G80 Master Link/G80 Master Link Assembly
Forged Pear Link/G80 Master Link/G80 Master Link AssemblyOther Names
Pear Shape Link;
Master Link;
Forged Master Link Assembly;
Learn More
G80 Clevis Clutch/G80 Omega Link
G80 Clevis Clutch/G80 Omega LinkClutch Fittings;
Shortening Hook;
Shortening Clutch;
Clevis Shortening Clutch;
Clevis Clutch Shorteners;
Clevis Clutch for Chain Shorteners;
Alloy Steel Omeg
Learn More
Weldable Lifting Point(Master Link D)
Weldable Lifting Point(Master Link D)weld, articulated, 180°swivel
general purpose has an utmost load bearing capacity that ranges from 1,120 kg up to 15,000 kg

Easy adjustment of lifting ring
Learn More

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