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Your Location : HOME » PRODUCTS » Lifting Points » Hoist Rings& Lifting Point YD083 » High Quality Lifting Eyes & Hoist Rings YD083 M8 to M100, WLL 0.4T to 49T

High Quality Lifting Eyes & Hoist Rings YD083 M8 to M100, WLL 0.4T to 49T

Description : Durable, dependable Screw-On hoist rings



Features: Rated at 100% at 90° angle
Available in UNC and Metric thread sizes.

UNC threads available in sizes fom 1320 pounds to 88000  pounds Working Load Limit, with a design factor of 4 to 1

Metric threads available in sizes from 300kg to 13,000kg and dual rated in 4 to 1 design factor.

Technica Data:

Difference for Eye Bolts

Eyebolts have been around for over 100 years and have been doing a good job when used properly. Properly means the direction of the load must be at zero degree. If the load shifts or the direction of loading on eyebolt is as much as 10 degrees off the zero line of force, the result is a bent broken eyebolt, When you bend the eyebolt, it means broken!

You cant break most ot the time. If you examine the bent area using X-ray, you will find the damage. This will lead to failure if the eyebolt is used any longer.

Swivel Hoist Rings are designed for lifting at any angle because the can swivel 360° and pivot 180°. Therefore, the rated load remains the same, regardless of the angle of force.

Q: Can I get a hoist ring with a shorter or longer bolt length?

A: Definitely! Most of our hoist rings can be supplied with either a shorter or longer bolt us for a quotation and delivery time.

Q: Can I get a hoist ring with other thread types?

A: Sure! We stock most fine thread sizes, and can get other thread types as well. Contact us for more information.

Q: Do you have any hoist rings that offer corrosion resistance?

A: Yes, we offer stainless steel hoist ring.We also have alloy hoist rings that can be electroless nickel plated, cadmium plated and zinc plated and epoxy plated..

Q: Do you proof-load test your hoist rings?

A: Yes, our hoist rings are proof-load tested and come with certification.

Q: Can you custom design a hoist ring to meet a specific application?

A: Yes, we can customize or design a hoist ring to meet your specific us for a quotation and delivery time.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail inquiry

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