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Swivel Hoist Ring Polished or Power Coating Stainless Steel Rotating Fitting Bolt Lifting Point M8,M10, M12,M14,M16

Description : Expoxy or Ploished Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt M8 to M16,Metric/Unc Threads are available in capacities from 300 kg to 1500 kg



Material: SS316/SS316L;

Surface Treatment:Power Coating or Stainless Steel Polishing;

Unc Thread can be in capac ities from 660lbs to 3300lbs; Unc Sizes from 5/16-18Unc to 5/8-11Unc

Stainless Steel version Swivel Hoist Ring can be used in humid, corrosive, chemical, maritime...environment. 

Safety factor 4 

allows it to line up perfectly with the sling 

From M8 to M16 as standard; for loads from 0.3 t to 1.5 t 

Other variants of fitting bolts on request.


Specification Bolt Length WLL U.W BWL
M8×1.25-6g 12 0.3 0.2 1.2
M10×1.5-6g 15 0.4 0.2 1.6
M12×1.75-6g 18 0.75 0.25 3
M14×2.0-6g 18 0.75 0.3 3
M16×2.0-6g 24 1.5 0.45 6


Manufactured can be used in a wide variety of lifting every day. 

Different kinds of equipment for in land or marine. Stainless Steel Rovating Eyebolts  are applicated where there is a risk of corrosion. Often used for industrial field outdoors or offshore applications such as windpower, oil and gas sector or wind energy sector. 


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