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Your Location : HOME » PRODUCTS » Lifting Points » Hoist Rings& Lifting Point YD083 » Chain Sling Assembly lift solution m10 hoist lifting ring

Chain Sling Assembly lift solution m10 hoist lifting ring

Description : Swivel Hoist Ring uses can be as follows:
Heavy duty flexible attachment point
Suited for lifting objects with no obvious attachment points
Mold and die handling
Pump and valve handling


Product Name: Universal swivel hoist ring 

Load: 230°Pivot, 360°rotation

Standard: EN1677-1:2000

Application: Unclear Power, Wind Power, Tool & Die Makers and traditional lifting Industry.

Usage: Lifting at vertical direction with largest WLL

Assemble with multiple swivel hoist ring, the steel rope angle less than 120°

Assemble with multiple swivel hoist ring, the WLL slightly lower or more

Assemble with multiple swivel hoist ring, side pull have the same WLL with vertical pull.

Metric thread : from M 8 to M 150 as standard; for loads from 0,3 t to 40 t

UNC thread: from UNC 5/16’’ to UNC 4’’ as standard; for loads from 661 lbs to 88,184 lbs

Safety factor: 4:1

Swiveling under load, usable for any kind of lifting operation, two ways of tightening



Choose superior quality alloy steel 42CrMo. The optimization of the raw materials enables a significant improvement in WLL


A lifting ring is intrinsically stronger when it is used linearly.


We offering certified lifting rings stamped with the WLL, thread size marks and with a 4:1 safety factor, as defined under the EN 1677-1 standard.


An anti-corrosion coating means that the unpainted parts of the swivel lifting rings are resistant to salt mist spray


lifting rings are 100% compatible than traditional DIN 580 eyebolt

In keeping with its mission statement, it especially concerned with the orange color of its lifting rings. 

Universal swivel hoist ring Technical sheet 

This articulated ring, unlike a traditional ring, could also carry a load on the side, and not only at the top, without risk.

It stemmed from a call for help from a customer who was worried about lifting machinery weighing 40 tonnes with equipment that could only support 5 tonnes. The invention of the founder could be used to lift 20 tonnes without risk, and above all to turn in all directions.

Our lifting point increases the axis' resistance when the lifting ring is set sideways on the workpiece to move.

Usually the basis of the axis is the swivel rings' weak point.

By adding substance, the sheer diameter increases and the weak point is strengthened.

YIYUN- professional lifting point manufacture 


Tianjin Yiyun Rigging co.,ltd, is a professional & high technology enterprise which manufacturing G80 Rigging lifting point and seated in Shuanggang industry park. We have great ability team of independent research and development, production and sales which have rich experience in this filed. Has been committed to research studies on high quality industrial lifting point for more than a decade. Strictly according ISO9001-2015 process management and our product through China classification society certification company and CE certification.

The key words of our product: rotating hoist ring, lifting point, Center-Pull Hoist Rings, Vertical Pull swivel hoist ring, Suspension lifting points, Internal ball bearings swivel hoist ring, metric lifting shackle, Pivoting Hoist Rings, lashing points, weld on lifting lugs.




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